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Age: 19
Occupation: Student
Dream: For a cure to juvenile diabetes

Anonymous said: cannot wait to get my hands on her

Hahaha you wish you fucking asshole.

Anonymous said: how'd you like me saying something personally to alice eh? i'll personally do that if you'd like? in person! I wouldn't mind telling her a thing or two! wouldn't mind teaching her a thing or two if you get me!

Honestly you are truely the biggest fucking cunt I’ve ever come across in my life.
I have a better idea, stay the fuck away from my girlfriend and if you feel like getting involved in our relationship you can go through me because I swear to god if you ever admit who you are and stop being such a pussy you’ll regret everything youve said. And if you know me like you say you do you’ll know that that isn’t a lie..

Anonymous said: the people in your past is not as pretty, acacia I know it's you answering these asks

I hope you know how pathetic this really is, if you honestly and truely care for Alice you’d stop being such a pussy and actually say something to her or to me not on anon because these asks are upsetting her which i don’t like one little bit. So why don’t you stop being such a cunt and stay away from our relationship. And if you know me like you say you do then you’ll know that I can and will take care of her. So If you’re not gonna say something to me that’s not on anon you can get fucked because you obviously can’t care enough about her to have the decency to stop being the biggest fuck head ever.

Anonymous said: I very well do know her and her past is not as pretty as yours. Let alone her face as pretty as yours!

How do you know her? Why is her past not as pretty?

Anonymous said: You're girlfriend is not good enough for you no offence

What makes you say this? You don’t know her….

Anonymous said: I think you should date a real girl that can take care of you or go back to a boy! You're wasting your time!

What makes you think she can’t take care of me? How am I wasting my time you don’t know her or our relationship.




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